Kennedy Agyapong Clashes With Anas Aremyaw In Court-More Details

The Hon. member of parliament, Kennedy Agyapong is expected to appear in court with Anas Aremyaw Anas. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was sued by the renowned Ghanaian journalist, Anas over allegations he made against him few months ago.

Apparently, both persons were expected to appear in court before the 27th of October 2021 but the lawyers of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong wrote to the court that their client is out of jurisdiction.

At that moment,Kennedy Agyapong could not make it to court because he was out of the country at that particular moment. Due to this,the court ordered that the case will be attended to on 2nd December 2021

The lawyers of Kennedy Agyapong who is the defendant wrote to the supreme court making allegations that the judge who was handling the case was being bias and it is their request that the judge must be changed.

Lawyers of the complainant did not relax. They also wrote to the supreme court condemnation of what the lawyers of Kennedy Agyapong alleged concerning the judge in charge of the case.

Actually, Kennedy Agyapong thought the cases was over until the Chief Justice through the court of appeal ordered the judge in charge of the case to continue the hearing of the case to the later.

Information we have gathered indicates that both Kennedy Agyapong an Anas appeared in court today.

We are keeping an eye on this issue and we will update our readers from time to time.

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