Xandy Kamel Hits Social Media For The Fist Time After Divorce Rumors Took Her Off

Xandy Kamel is a young Ghanaian actress who has built her brand around controversies ever since she came into the lame light. Most people do not remember Xandy for her movies but for how controversial she can be.

One recent issue that set the internet on fire was when she had issues with her husband who also works with ABN networks,a place where Xandy works at the moment.

During the times when the rumors circulated,Xandy did a lot of videos trying to explain herself as to why her marriage has gotten to a point where divorce seem to be the only option. According to her,she believed that everything that went on was engineered by some of her enemies who want nothing but her down fall.

The young actress who is believed to have been depressed at that time went off social media for some days. Today,Xandy has uploaded a new video of herself on social media.

In the video,she showed appreciation to people who have been of help to her when she went through all that happened. She thanked her mother,Tracy Boakye,Mrs. Stacy Amoateng and more.

She disclosed her relationship with Tracy Boakye and how she has been a sister to her during her difficult times. Also,she made mention of how Afia Schwarzenegger has been of help to her when she needed it the most.

Xandy cleared the waves on rumors regarding her being dismissed from Angel Tv. She stated clearly that she is still with the television station and not sacked as speculated earlier.

The actress said in the new video that she is back not for anything but business. This actually means that she is not going to be controversial anymore and will not attend to anything that is not business oriented.

Stay tuned for more news updates.

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