Forestry Officials Collaborate With Illegal Chainsaw Operators At Mpamso.

One of government's ambition is to maintain and protect our forest across the country. As a result of this, the government engineered a tree planting initiative to encourage all Ghanaians to plant trees in their environs.

As at this moment,the president of Ghana has said on record that there has been over 7 million tree plantations since this tree planting policy was initiated. 

With all the effort that has been made to restore and maintain the forests in Ghana,some illegal chainsaw operators in their selfish interest have decided to go contrary to measures that has been laid by the government.

Information that has been gathered indicates that illegal chainsaw operators have invaded a forest at Mpamso in the Bono region. According to reports, these illegal operators are bold enough to an extent of burning dowb the chainsaw and equipments of other operators who are legally allowed to cut trees.

The part of the issue that seems to amaze a lot of individuals in this area is the fact that, the forestry commission has done nothing about what is going on even though they are aware of the current issue at hand.

With that being said, some people strongly believe that the forestry commission is totally involved in illegal cutting of trees in MpamsoSocial. This means they have given the illegal chainsaw operators the upper hand to cut down trees indiscriminately. 

We call on the forestry commission in the Bono region to react as soon as possible to protect our trees and forest. Stay turned for more news updates.

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