2022 Budget Not Constitutionally Rejected-John Kumah

The most talked about issue in Ghana at the moment is that of the 2022 budget which was presented before parliament by he financial minister few days ago. Currently as it stands,the budget that was presented before parliament has been rejected by the house.

The rejection of these budget is very historic as it is the first to be rejected as far as the 4th republic of Ghana is concern. This rejection was marked by majority NPP members of parliament walking out of the chamber.  This act of walking out of parliament is always known to have been done mostly by the minority of the house.

This is mostly because they often disagree with some decisions made by the government and the majority of the house. Surprisingly, tables turned as the majority has rather walked out of parliament. 

One must be wondering why such incidence took place. The deputy minister of finance,Hon. John Kumah as taken to his Facebook page to explain why the majority NPP members of parliament walked out. 

In his statement, he made mention that the 2022 budget has not been rejected. This is because he and the majority does not agree with the decision made by the Parliament house while they walked out.

"Today the ministry of finance came to parliament with a prayer to have the opportunity to accommodate the comments made by the minority into the budget".  John Kumah

The deputy minister went on to say that the key issues that were raised by the minority is that of the Keta relief effort. Barely three weeks ago, Keta which is a suburb of the Volta region was flooded. As a result of this, the minority raised concerns as to why the 2022 budget " Agenkwa Budget " did not make provisions for the Keta relief efforts.

The second issue that was raised was the request to adjust the E-levy which was introduced through the budget. This is aimed at taxing 1.75% off electronic transactions such as mobile money and bank transactions.

The deputy minister believes that both the majority and minority must meet to discuss issues on how to improve these listed concerns that were raised by the minority. Unfortunately, Hon. John Kumah said that the minority who mad e the request and the speaker have refused to give the financial minister the opportunity to   incooperate  their request. 

"While refusing the minister an opportunity,the speaker went to further ask the financial minister who's budget is being debated to leave the chamber. While the general secretary of the NDC,Johnson Asiedu Nketia was left seated." John Kumah said.

He concluded by saying that the speaker was being partizan and the majority could not countenances the order by the speaker for matials to take the finance minister out. Because of this,the majority subsequently walked out. 

According to him,the speaker will need 138 members of the house present before he can put a question and any decision that is taken within the chamber with less members is voied. 

This is why the deputy minister of Financial believes that the budget has not been constitutionally rejected.

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