A lot of people think that hitting six figures is a lot of money. They think that when they hit hundred thousand dollars a year then they have made it. 

I can tell you that hundred thousand dollars is the new minimum wage. If you really want to make 6 figures then you should aim at 250,000 dollars at the minimum.

I am not saying that making a hundred thousand dollars is wrong, you can still live pretty well if  you are making that much. But what i am saying is that you are limited as to the lifestyle you really want to live 

However when you are making 250,000 dollars and up, not only are you contributing to society but you are also putting yourself in a position to not only retire early but use your money to make investment that could make you even richer.

Now, besides becoming an athlete or a celebrity, gaining inheritance or getting married to wealth, i am going to give you 4 ways that you can make a quarter million dollars a year. So list up.

The first way is through investing. What i am basically saying is you are taking a chunk of money and putting it into an investment that can make a bigger chunk of money.

This can be something like crypto currency  or Real estate or anything of that nature. You're taking money and you're multiplying it though something that can add more value to others without you actually going out there and doing the work.  

Another thing you can do is to buy and sell businesses. So for example, if you a restaurant, a car wash or a hair salon or something else that you really want to partake in, you can buy that business and make some money as you hold that business and eventually sell it for equal or greater profits. Now that is how you do business.

The second way you can make a quarter million dollars a year is through sales. Now sales is the highest paying profession and if you're good at it, you can make way more than a quarter million dollars in a given year.

Now what kind of sales can you get into?. Well you can get into car sales, insurance sales,real estates as an agent and sell houses. All this are kinds of sales that you can get into. 

Medical devices, online businesses, you can do soo many things but you have to find out what kind of product or service that you want to sell.

When it comes down to sales you habe to understand that it's a tough position. Youre going to stand a lot of rejections and you also have to do what managers and customers that may or may not like you. 

Either way you push through it and you decide to make a list the kind of sales you can to get into and the kind of sale that you think will be suitable to your life and the impact that you believe you can make in the social.

The third way to make a quarter million dollars is if you become an executive for a comoany. This means that you are going to become a CEO, VP, President or COO. Or you have a high rank in a company that pays you at least a quarter million dollars a year.

In other to become an executive, that usually means that you must has a master's degree. Most of the time, that aldo means that you're to climb the cooperate leather. Which means that you have to deal with a lot of politics.

Becoming an executive don't just happen overnight. It takes years to learn what the company is all about or to gain the executive skill to make the right decisions and cut your shots like a big boss. 


Starting your own business on your own terms with yoir own resources in your oen way. In other to start a business remember there is two requirements. You need a product to sell  and a story to tell. 

You need a brand, you need marketing and you also need to learn how to sell. One of the hardest things when starting a business is that it requires a lot of risk. It requires a lot of tenacity and it requires a lot of work

With that said, there is a lot of advantages as well. You get to control your own schedule and there is no pressure and you don't have a bus except for the customer. 

Starting a business can be a great adventure, and if you think that you want to start a business and make a quarter million dollars a year then you need to get to work. Because there is a lot of things to do 

If you think about starting a business, let me know what kind of business you want to start in the comments section below.

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