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Now,let's get the ball rolling. There are many ways to make money online. In fact,very easy and real quick. We all make money one way or the other, well, except for about 20% individuals who are dependent on others.

Let's take Ghana for instance, A small country in the western part of africa. The youth are ranting about the inadequate availability of jobs and job opportunities when they can actually get online and start making respectable amount of money

Today I'm going to show you ways to make legit and legal money on your own here online without stressing. Stay glued as i take you on a ride.

Here are ways to make money online

One easy way to make money on earth is by starting a YouTube channel. There are millions of millionaires who make huge sums of money just by uploading videos on YouTube.

The good thing about YouTube is that you don't have to pay anything to start up. All you'll need is to Download the YouTube app from the Apple store or google playstore.

You must also have an email account and you're good to go. YouTube can be a part time or a full time job depending on how you want it.

Yes, so you can have a different work and still be a YouTuber, it's real fun and amazing. The exciting part is that,YouTube monetize your content that you upload and pay you on monthly bases.


Well, one of the earliest ways to make money at your comfort zone is to practice affiliate marketing.

Now, Affiliate Marketing is simply a partnership between a company who wants to get it's product to door steps of more audiences and a promoter who is willing to promote the ads of the company to his/her audience.

In this case, you are the promoter. Affiliate marketing isn't anything difficult. All you need is your mobile device or laptop and an active internet connection.

After choosing the Affiliate site you want to work with, you'll be asked to generate a unique link that will belong to only you

You can share the links on Facebook,Twitter and other social media platforms. When someone uses your link to patronize a product, you are payed by the employer.

There are so many Affiliate marketing companies out there that you can start working with. Some of which are

1. Jumia Affiliate program
2. Alibaba Affiliate program

And a whole lot.

The third way to make money online is freelancing. There are many freelance apps on Apple store and Google playstore.

It's one where people hire you to write articles,statements, speeches and application letters for them and at the end of the day, you get paid by the employer.

This is suitable for people who have the passion for writing. In some cases you can publish your own books online for others to read and get paid.

Starting a blog,sounds complicated right?No it isn't. Just relax as i show you how easy it is to make huge sums from blogging.

First of all, of course you need to get a blog or a website. One easy place  to get a website is Blogger.com. it's a place to get your own blog. It is free and it belongs to the google company so it is safe.

Now after getting a blog, you place ads on it and get monetized. You can requests to partner with google ads or better still place your Affiliate links on the site

This are some easy ways to make money online in 2021. I hope this article has helped. Leave your comments below, our team of authors will be standing by to answer them as soon as possible.